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Jason, (Local Warehouse)

Our Automated Robotic machine has been super reliable for our warehouse and the team at Regional made the process of setting it up, quick and simple!

Mike, (Local Sand Company)

The team at Regional was able to fly their drone through our 25 acres of land and was able to detect one of our water pipes leaking water up from the ground

Vicky, (Local Apartment)

This is the best security agency we have ever had. Cat went out of his way to initiate service within 24 hours which was part of our requirements. He and his people were a pleasure to work with. 

Drone Security Services

Our drone pilot can launch a drone to provide active surveillance and detection. If you own a large construction site, a field with trees and obstacles or a commercial business a drone can capture 400 foot view of the actives going on. 


Drones can also detect liabilities as well, water leaks, damage to property, illegal poacher or fishers, etc.  

The drone operator can also dispatch Police, Fire, EMS or Regional Security Response Team  to handle any incidents identified by the drone.


Tactical Mobile Surveillance Trailer

These units are a full surveillance unit on wheels and can be deployed at your locations and monitored by our 24/7 surveillance officers.


The TMSU benefits are as follows:


  • Completely mobile.

  • No external power source needed.

  • Operates on DC charged by solar with a back-up generator if needed.

  • 4 PTZ Cameras (Cameras can be custom at added expense)

  • On-board Network Video Recorder (NVR) for on-board video storage.

  • Equipped with LTE/5G internet for mobile viewing.

  • Equipped with flashing strobe lights to deter intruders.

  • Equipped with 4 LED Flood Lights

  • Equipped with two external speakers used for voice talk down, pre-recorded talk down and siren.



With the Tactical Mobile Surveillance Unit (TMSU) and the quick response time of our professional security officers, Regional Security can protect any of your sites with the comfort to allow you to sleep at night.


Robotic Services


Regional's robotics division focuses on providing warehouse, office spaces and other commercial businesses an automated security patrol officer. Our Robotic vendors are able to adjust the specifications of each ARP (Automated Robotic Patrol) to fit the needs of any environment.  

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